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WallyHost of The Wally Show
Hometown: West Palm Beach, Florida 
College: University of Central Florida (undergraduate), Grand Canyon University (graduate)
Family: Wife, Mardi and daughter, Haille
Pets:  2 cats, Hankster Prankster my little gangster and Sasha McSashinstein (Betty Rock is rubbing off on me like a cat on a scratching post)
Celebrity Look-A-Likes: I think TobyMac, but he certainly does not.  Sadly, I look most like Alton Brown from the Food Network.
Katie RoseCo-Host / Producer

Hometown: Lake Havasu City, Arizona  

College: Biola University (LaMirada, California)
Family: I have a wonderful pre-ancé so if I play my cards right, hopefully soon.
Pets:  None yet…but I want a dog…a BIG dog.
Celebrity Look-A-Likes: Troy Polamalu
Hometown: Between Cleveland and Akron in Ohio
College: Grace College (Winona Lake, IN) 
Family: Sarah (married June 30, 2007)
Pets: None (I don’t want the responsibility)
Celebrity Look-A-Likes: Charlie Brown (just the back of my head)
Betty RockFull-Timer
Hometown: Nashville, TN
College: College of Hard Knocks
Family: Moved out on my own but as a perfect only child I'll never move too far from mom and dad.
Pets: 1 cat- Clementine Marie (Clems for short) RIP Gustopher Cornelius
Celebrity Look-A-Likes: I most often get Jennifer Love Hewitt but would rather it be Shania Twain 
BekahAudio Ninja

Hometown: East Moline, Illinois
College: Olivet Nazarene University (Bourbonnais, IL)
Family: Husband, Joey
Pets: Hadley, the Beagle/German Shepherd mix (but shouldn't she be in the family category?)
Celebrity Look-A-Likes: I've been told I look like Kate Hudson…I've also been told I look like David Bowie


Hometown: Gallatin, TN
College: Belmont University
Family: I'm only 21, so I'm in no rush to start a family, my mom is enough for now.
Pets: 1 dog who thinks she's a human thanks to my mom.
Celebrity Look-A-Likes: Maybe Carlos Whittaker (he's not a huge celebrity, but is well known here in Nashville)


Hometown: Decatur, AL
College: University of Mobile
Family: Just my parents and my older brother, but I currently live with my roommate, Katie.
Pets: Currently none, even though I've wanted a dog for years
Celebrity Look-A-Likes: I like to think I look like Demi Lovato, but I think that's just wishful thinking. When I was younger, people thought I looked like Mara Wilson (Matilda, Miracle on 34th Street), but I think I've outgrown that.